My name's Joe, I'm a web developer based in Cardiff.

Welcome to my portfolio.


Since 2013 I've taken on a number of different projects, involving web design and branding solutions, as well as a few personal web app projects. Feel free to browse a selection of these projects below.

Who am I?

Joe Morgan - 21Orange

From a very young age I've loved building things, from Lego buildings to Mobile SaunaVans. In 2011 I enrolled at Hereford Sixth Form College where I studied Computing, Law & Psychology. Whilst studying Computing I coded many different programs, some for coursework purposes and others for fun - I realised coding programs isn't too dissimilar to building things.

During my time at college I co-founded a campervan hire company with my step dad, Wye Valley Campers. We soon realised that it was going to cost us a lot of money to have a website designed, so I decided to have a go myself. A few weeks later I'd managed to teach myself the basics of HTML & CSS. Soon after completing my first website a friend approached me asking if I could design a website for her B&B to which I gladly obliged and thus 21 Orange was born.

In 2017 I graduated from the University of Reading with a 1st class degree in Computer Science, as well as being awarded the Sullivan Prize for the highest Computer Science project mark. After graduating university I spent 9 months co-writing a piece of software for the architecture industry with a partner, for which we received external funding. I'm currently working for a great startup FinTech company, Delio.

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