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Web app Development

For my final year project at university I wrote an application that allowed users (students/parents/staff etc.) to view 3-dimensional, interactive models of the buildings on campus. Within the application, users could search for a room by specifying a room number and an entrance (or specify ‘any’ entrance), the application then plotted the quickest route from the entrance to the room. Users could also interact (rotate and enlarge) with the models on computers, tablets and mobile devices, across a range of operating systems.

The motivation behind the project stemmed from constantly overhearing how students (and I) had got lost whilst trying to find specific rooms on campus. It was also glaringly obvious how prospective and new students may have struggled to navigate the more complex campus buildings.

The sole aim of the project was to improve current navigation techniques implemented inside large buildings and establishments. Current techniques were, and still are, inaccurate, time consuming and outdated, with very little changes being made since the buildings were first erected. The most common way of finding a specific room inside a building is to study the building’s floor plan and memorise your route from the entrance to your room, using waypoint markers along the route. In a similar scenario, Global Positioning Systems (GPS’s) have revolutionised travel, and have minimised the need to use a physical map for directions, another technique that has been in use for hundreds of years.

I received 89% for the project, as well as being awarded the Sullivan Prize for the highest Computer Science project mark in my university year. Once I had graduated university I secured funding to develop a modified version of the software with a partner.

Blueprint - 21Orange